Jillian, 10
Jillian Welcome to my page! My name is Jillian. My friends call me Jill or Jillybean. I started making bath bombs when I was nine in October 2016. My mom posted photos of what I was making on social media and by December her friends were asking to buy my bombs. I made a few for Valentines and then Easter and earned enough money to buy more ingredients and pay for my summer camps! (Fencing, ringette, Art Camp, Mini-sport camp and Cadicasu among a few others!) My mom's friend set up a page on social media for me and voila! Here I am months later with a website and hiring a Bomb Squad to help me! I LOVE bath bombs and have enjoyed meeting so many others who love them too! Quality & fun are an absolute requirement for everything me and the amazing girls on my Bomb Squad do and for all the bombs we sell online! Thanks for checking out my bath products!
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Miranda, 16
Amazing Miranda started with Jill's Body Bakery in June and has been the Toy Bomb Artist Queen! Miranda handpaints many of her creations making them true Bomb Art! You will meet Miranda at most of the Markets this summer as an amazing Bomb Squad Member of Jill's Body Bakery!
Sloan, 10
Sloan joined Jill's Body Bakery in July and will be crafting amazing bathbombs in addition to seeing her at some of the Markets! Excited to have this articulate bath bomb addict on the Jill's Body Bakery Bomb Squad as both a Bomb Artist and Frontline at the markets!
Jayda, 14
Jayda joined Jill's Body Bakery in July and has quicky shown her amazing artistic ability as a Bomb Artist! Jayda is an Honor's Student (with Distinction!) and has a passion for horses and riding! Jill's Body Bakery is SO fortunate to have Jayda on the Bomb Squad!
Emelia, 11
Emelia started with Jill making bath bombs a year ago! Emelia is a star Ringette Player and also played hockey! She has a little sister she adores and LOVES bath bombs! Emelia is quite busy in grade 6 along with being a key member of Jill's Body Bakery Bomb Squad teaching Workshops and Birthday Parties!