FUNdraising with Jill’s Body Bakery


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Doing some Fundraising for your team, group or school?

Join  with Jill’s Body Bakery as we want to help you!

Simply add this option to your cart and check out!  It doesn’t cost you anything to start!   We will send you all the information to provide  to your team members.  Your members sell as many orders as they want and collect payment at the time of sale. When you’re done collecting your orders simply email the tally sheet to We will send you an invoice to cover the cost of the bombs and your team/group keeps the profit towards your endeavors.   Your group earns  $7 per set* sold!    (*5 bomb pack).  We deliver your order within 10 days of receipt of payment.


The 2017 Holiday Collections have been set. Your customers can choose from any:

1. Cold Buster Bath Bomb Set (Eucalyptus to kick that cold/flu)

2. R&R Bath Bomb Set (Hawaiian Sunrise, ocean mist, tranquility, relaxation and Anti Stress)

3. Fun Pack  (birthday cake, candy cane, cotton candy, bubble gum and rocky road)

4. Berry Bunch Set (Blueberries, Triple Berry, Pearberry, Raspberry and Strawberry)

5. Very, very Vanilla (just vanilla~ but oh so good!)

There’s also an option for your customers to book a Birthday Party with us and we give you $50 for every party sold  towards you fundraising initiatives!

There is no time limit or cap to how many times you can fund raise with us!

Add this option to your cart and we’ll send you more information how we can work together to help you with your FUNdraising goals!